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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

How often should I clean my area rugs?

To maintain the beauty of your rug, it should be vacuumed weekly, being careful not to damage the fringe. Rotating it semi-annually will aid in evening the wear.


Even with these steps, it is amazing how much fine-particle dust becomes trapped and hidden from sight. We recommend a complete cleaning every 1-3 years, depending on the amount of foot traffic it receives.


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Prevention Tip

If the area rug is very decorative and expensive, don’t place it in the middle of a very high traffic area. Unless the rug is a doormat, please have anyone remove their shoes before walking on it.

We Come To You!

We will send a professional and knowledgeable driver to come roll up and pick up your area rugs. We will deliver them back to you as soon as they are done.

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